New Vehicle Payment

The New Vehicle Payment is a one-off £750 payment to help you get a brand-new car on the Motability Scheme.

We’re pleased to announce we’re extending this to the end of 2024 for anyone newly joining the Scheme.

This means if you order or collect your first vehicle before the end of next year, you’ll get £750 to put towards it.

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How it works

Anyone who orders their first car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) before the end of 2024 will qualify for the £750 New Vehicle Payment.

You’ll only get this payment once, not every time you get a new vehicle.

Scooter and powered wheelchair customers get a £100 New Product Payment instead, and we’ve also extended this to the end of 2024.

You cannot get both the New Vehicle Payment and the New Product Payment.

When is it paid?

There are two ways to get the £750 New Vehicle Payment:

We can send this to your dealer

If the car you choose has an Advance Payment, you can send your £750 to your dealer to put towards this cost.

If your Advance Payment is more than £750, you’ll need to pay the difference to your dealer.

If it’s less than £750, we’ll send you the rest after you get your vehicle, to spend how you choose.

Your dealer will ask how you’d like to use your New Vehicle Payment when you’re ordering.

You can only use the New Vehicle Payment towards the cost of your vehicle’s Advance Payment. You cannot use it towards the cost of adaptations or optional extras.

We can send this to you

If you do not ask for your New Vehicle Payment to go your dealer, or you order a car without an Advance Payment, we’ll send this to you in full within a few weeks of getting your new vehicle.

We’ll send this by bank transfer if you’ve saved your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account. If not, we’ll send a cheque.

If you order a scooter and powered wheelchair, you’ll get the £100 New Product Payment instead, and this will be paid to you after you get your product.

Check if you're eligible for the new vehicle payment

New Vehicle Payment

You can now use your New Vehicle Payment to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment. This is instead of getting the New Vehicle Payment a few weeks after you've picked up your new vehicle and already paid your Advance Payment. We hope that giving you this option will make it easier for you to order your next vehicle on the Scheme.
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