Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If a standard production car doesn’t suit your mobility requirements then a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) may be better suited to your needs. We understand that choosing a WAV is a big decision, which is why The JCB Group are on hand to help you choose the vehicle that’s right for you.

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

A WAV is a standard car that has been converted in order to accommodate a wheelchair. This means that a passenger, or driver, can travel in the vehicle whilst remaining in their wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are available in a range of shapes and sizes, designed to make sure that there is a WAV to suit everyone’s requirements. Typically, three different sizes of WAV are available. Small WAVs typically have a ramp allowing access, with the option to accommodate up to four people - including a wheelchair-using passenger.

Medium-sized WAVs are better for people who typically travel with four or more passengers. They are also better suited to those who have a larger wheelchair, or people who have to carry equipment with them. Finally, large WAVs are for those who require a number of seats, or have a large or heavy wheelchair. They also suit those who regularly travel with a number of passengers.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle features
Whatever size of WAV you decide you need, they all typically come with a number of standard features designed to make your life easier. These include things like a built-in ramp or lift, to give wheelchair users easy access to the car, as well as options to access from the side or back of the vehicle. A lowered floor, or raised roof, can also be included to make sure that there is enough headroom for all passengers - allowing for the height of the wheelchair.

They may also include features such as wheelchair tie-downs, offering a safe and reliable system for securing a wheelchair once inside the WAV.

Want to know more?
Here at The JCB Group we are able to offer an extensive range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, with all shapes and sizes available. Contact one of Motability experts for more information, and to discuss whether a WAV could work for you.

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