Why join the Motability Scheme?

Choosing a Motability car with The JCB Group is very simple. We can help find you the right vehicle that will suit your needs perfectly, by taking the time to listen to exactly what your specialist requirements are.

Motability cars come fully prepared for you. Any work that needs to be done to adapt a car will be carried out by experienced specialists, meaning that you can have peace of mind that your new car will be reliable, comfortable and adapted specifically for you.

What do you get when you join?

Every three years you are part of the Motability Scheme you can upgrade and pick a brand new car. Providing you’d like to continue with Motability, and are still eligible, we will be in touch with you in the months before your lease expires to let you know that it’s time for you to choose your next car.

As well as the car, a number of things are included as part of a Motability vehicle. This includes:

Motability insurance is similar to that of a full comprehensive insurance policy. Even if you don’t drive you can still lease a car from Motability, by nominating two people that will drive on your behalf. Should you leave Motability later down the line, you can ask for a letter detailing your claims history for you to give to your new insurer.

Servicing and maintenance
There will be no startling or unexpected repair bills with your Motability car, as all maintenance and servicing is included and looked after by us here at the JCB Group.

RAC full breakdown assistance
This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The RAC Motability Assist Helpline and roadside staff are trained to take your calls, and are available on 0800 73 111 73. The full breakdown cover provides recovery both at home and from the roadside.

Annual car tax

Under the provision of a tax exemption certificate, full annual car tax is included under the Mobility Scheme.

Replacement tyres
If the tyres on your Mobility vehicle become damaged or worn through normal use then Kwik Fit can replace them at no additional cost. Kwik Fit also offer a free mobile service to make it easier for you, should you wish to have your tyres changed at work or at home.

Repair/replacements of windscreens and windows
There is no extra charge for any repairs or replacements to the windows on your Mobility vehicle, including your windscreen.

Generous mileage allowance
Over the three years you have the car, you have an allowance of 60,000 miles, which works out at 20,000 miles per year. It’s a good idea to be aware of this, as when you return the car after your three years, if the total mileage is over 60,000 then there is a 5p charge for each extra mile.

Car adaptations

Many of the popular adaptations needed to make driving easier for people are available at no extra cost, whether that is making it safer, easier to use or more comfortable. Check out our selection of adaptation options for more information.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)
An extensive range of WAVs are available through Motability, enabling you to remain in your wheelchair whilst you travel - either as the driver or a passenger. They come with a larger 100,000 mileage allowance, on a five year lease. For more information please take a look at our guide to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles .

No Advance Payment

Here at the JCB Group we can offer you a wide selection of cars through the Motability Scheme that cater for all specialist needs and budgets, with no Advance Payment required. We provide a vast collection of cars, costing no more than, or even less than, your weekly allowance, which means you may even have some money left over.

If you would like to make an Advance Payment, however, you are more than welcome to.  To do so, you top up your allowance with a one-off initial payment, which entitles you to have a larger choice of cars to pick from.

New Vehicle Payment

You can now use your New Vehicle Payment to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment. This is instead of getting the New Vehicle Payment a few weeks after you've picked up your new vehicle and already paid your Advance Payment. We hope that giving you this option will make it easier for you to order your next vehicle on the Scheme.
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